Frequently Asked Questions

Advertiser How to get started ? is a SELF SERVICE AD NETWORK that allow you to set up everything your self by few simple step.

1- Load funds to your account balance.
2- Add your creative/ banner/ url's link. Etc..
3- Set up your Campaign and add funds to that Specific campaign
*Look carefully there is an area to add funds in each campaign*
4- Choose PPC, CPM, Flat daily rates
5- Select the Niche / Category. Etc...
*If you choose (Pay directly for this order) you will be ask to pay again. Use funds from balance*
8- Same page scroll down : SELECTION PUBLISHER website.
*Check the box for each website you want your ad to be published
10- That's IT! Campaign Approval take 1 hours up to 24 hours for First time users of the platform.

TC Network New compliant banners | Google Banner Ad Restrictions:
- Ads which auto-redirect a page without user action.
- Ads which resemble site warnings or error messages.
- Ads which simulate messages, dialog boxes or request notifications.
- Ads depicting features which do not work (i.e. Fake play buttons, Gallery arrows).
- Ads which display close buttons that do anything other than closing the element when clicked.
- Ads where clicking anywhere outside the border of the ad leads to an ad landing page.
- Ads which depict misleading calls-to-action (“Click to watch the video” but goes to a general lander instead).
For more information, consult

Publisher account approval and How to get Started ?

We only Accept Publishers who can provide A MINIMUM OF 25% OF SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC.
If you think your website have QUALITY SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC Feel Free to Apply For our Elite Publisher Account.
All applications is reviewed within 1-24 hours of your submission. You will get an e-mail notification once we finishes the necessary quality checks.

When can a Publisher request a payout?

The Minimum payout is $100.00 and it takes place twice per month. That means that once your account reaches the minimum payout, the system will automatically proceed to your payout via Paypal. Make sure that your info is updated at all times so you could receive your money. The payments are sent out 7 days after each period ends.

What is the minimum deposit to load funds to my account Balance?

-The minimum deposit is $60 and the maximum deposit is $1000 dollars per each transaction.
-If you use our (Campaign Management service) across our network, Min. Deposit $300 *management fee's apply*.

What is the payment method available on your network?

- PayPal ( Instant Load to your account )
- Wire Minimum $500.00 ( Contact us )

Which sizes of ad formats are available on the network?

We offer multiple sizes for desktop and mobile devices including Text ads, banners, popup , popunders Onclick, native ads and more.

You didn't get the verification email after registration? Here are a few options for you below.

If the verification email doesn't arrive in your inbox, please check the spam/junk folder. If you still can't find it, contact us via the SUPPORT PAGE and our support team will provide the help you may need at this point.

Do I need to provide any info to

Upon creating an account you have to provide your name, address, postal code, and your PayPal account wallet so you could pay for services and get payouts. You will also have to provide a Valid government issued ID for bank wire transfer. All of the information has to be genuine or the system won't work and you won't be able to complete the registration / transaction.

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